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楽膳家 • Brooklyn • NYC

Mai Shioyama


呉服屋の母親の影響で幼いころから料理をたしなむ。 ファッションの道に進むがライフワークとして料理を振る舞っているうちに、レ ストランやカフェのメニュー・レシピの開発依頼が増え、福岡にてメニューの無いレストラン「wagamama」をオープン。 その後拠点を東京へ移し料理研究家として活躍。 2014年「ニトスキ」レシピBOOK 、「OISHII & GLUTEN FREE FUSION AND INTERNATIONAL RECIPES FOR LIFE」を出版する 2015年銀座コリドー街の老舗ワインバー「GINZA Stock」で一年限りのポップアップレストラン『MAI’S KITCHEN』にて毎週末変化する独創的な料理空間を作りだす。 企業や老舗旅館のメニュー開発、料理教室主宰、メーカーや有名百貨店のオリジナル商品などの商品開発、レシピ開発など幅広く活動。 2017年に結婚を機にNYへ移住する。 近年では2019年にNY SohoにてSnow Peak USA 20th Anniversary Partyの料理を手掛ける。 2020年「ピエール エルメ」での舞さんのお弁当、2021年日本橋にオープンした「おむすびとせかいのごはん」のプロデュースなどがある。 NYではさまざまなプライベート会場やギャラリー、学校、snowpeakUSA などで日本の食文化をクリエイティブに伝えている。

Mai Shioyama has loved cooking since she was a child, influenced by her mother, who runs a kimono store.Despite pursuing a career in fashion, her life’s work was cooking, and the number of requests for developing menus and recipes for restaurants and cafes increased, which led her to open Wagamama, a restaurant with no menu in Fukuoka. She then relocated to Tokyo and began working as a culinary chef. In 2014, Mai published two recipe books, “Nitosuki” and “OISHII & GLUTEN FREE FUSION AND INTERNATIONAL RECIPES FOR LIFE”. In 2015, she opened a one-year-only pop-up restaurant, “MAI’S KITCHEN”, at Ginza’s long-established wine bar “GINZA Stock”, creating a unique culinary space and food that changed weekly. She was involved in a variety of activities, including menu development for corporations and hotels, cooking classes, product development, including creating original products for manufacturers and department stores, and recipe development. After getting married in 2017, she moved to New York. In 2020, she collaborated with “Pierre Hermé” in Tokyo, and in 2021, she produced a rice ball shop called “Omusubi to Sekai no Gohan” in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. She has been catering various private venues and collaborating with cultural event sites like galleries, schools, snowpeakUSA, etc..